Sunday, November 13, 2016

A heart full of gratitude

A really cool photographer here is blessing the public service community with free photoshoots as a way of saying thank you for all you do. 
We are thrilled with our pictures.  I wanted to so something special for her so I decided to get out my favorite character stamps, Newton's Nook, and make some cards for her.

Up first is the kitten, Newton, holding a ribbon of courage which I colored with tombow markers in the 'thin blue line'.  It says "Life is tough but so are you."

This playful kitten reminds us that "you're never too old to play".  I mimicked the ball of yarn with the  yellow string tied around the layer piece.  Some golden bling finished out the charm of this card.

This card makes me laugh every time. The front of the card reads the familiar saying 'a little birdie told me it was your birthday...' Inside Newton says "so I ate him" ! I used the twine that comes wrapped around the stamps.  The stamps come so neatly packaged! It makes you want to "get your Paws inky" which is their slogan for their stamps.  Cute, isn't it?

I love Coffee and when you combine it with's just too cute. This card has several layers one which I embossed in my texture machine.  I then 'roughed it up' with some sandpaper.  I love how the core makes it look shabby chic. I love using the Tombow markers especially the gray scale set. It's perfect for different shades of kitten color! "I need some coffee right MEOW"

"MEOW you doing?"  What a cuddly cat...and a simple card to  send to a friend to ask how they are doing today.

I had so much fun designing this card.   I cut out a small oval in the front panel of the card.  Then, I stamped around it making my own paper design.  On the inside panel I stamp the birthday bag with the perfect gift!  The caption says, "let the cat out of the bag".

Once again my favorite stamp set...Newton Loves Coffee. A simple card design enhanced by an embossed layer and some twine and bling.  A great card to let someone know you care.

And we all know that "Coffee is ALWAYS a good idea!".  I love to use the heat embossing technique and it looks so sleek in print.  Also, just rounding the opposite corners on a square or rectangle, make it stand out for a modern look.

Newton looks like he's so excited "it's your birthday" that he's taking a balloon ride through the air and his party hat is flying off! This feminine card has 'fancy' corners made with scissors bought years ago.  Do you try to reuse your 'old' tools in a new way?  I enjoy trying to brain storm new ideas.


Thanks for looking at my cards.  I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did making them.  Until next time,